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After school pick up from: 

Good Elementary  -    McCoy Elementary

Thompson Elementary  -  Jerry Junkins Elementary

Country Place Elementary     -   Carrollton Classic


Child Care Center in Carrollton, Texas

What is our focus? The child.
Children need to be in an envionment that allows them to deveolop at their own pace, but also guides them in age appropiate actities for them to develop in the 5 domains of learning.  These domains are physical, social, emotional, cognative and language.  Our daily focus is to help children evenly develop these milestones as they get older.  We consider it our responsibility to guide them so they can achieve these goals on their own, building their self confidence.  It is our personal goal to see to it that the staff and parents come together for the best interest of the children enrolled at the center.  Rising Starz CCC will always have our focus on the children so that they are in a fun, loving, and safe environment. 


Childcare Provider

Rising Starz is a proud family owned and operated center run by Julie and Davin Martinez.  When you join our  center children can find happiness, and comfort as we offer an in home feel in a large scale facility.

Please call for inquires, and enjoy our affordable prices and quality child care for all children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.

About Us

With more than 18 years of experience working with children, our founder decided to open her own childcare center because she loves working with children. We have a very friendly staff who love teaching and interacting with children.

For more details about our childcare services in Carrollton, Texas, contact us at 972-466-3800

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