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Rising Starz Child Learning Center

Age Groups Weekly
Babies 6 weeks to 18 months $310 Includes Food & Formula (Similac)
18 to 24 months $285
2 Year olds $285
3 year olds $245
4 Year Pre - K A $245
5 and 6 year olds $225
Summer time care 7 and older $225 Includes Field Trips if applicable
After School Kids (3 - 6 pm) $150

Per week and is due regardless of attendance.

2020 Holidays  Full Day Closed

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day

Independance Day July 3

Labor Day

Thanksgiving 26 and 27

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

2020 Half day close at 1pm

Good Friday

Last day of summer vacation date will vary

Columbus Day

New Year's Eve

1.        Full tuition is due regardless of attendance. (with a 10-hour maximum per day)

2.        Tuition may be subject to annual price increase; you will be made aware of any such changes 60 days in advance.

3.        Tuition is due the Friday before Services are rendered and are considered late the following Monday morning.    

4.        If tuition is not paid the Monday immediately after it is due a fee of $20 (per child) will be added to your account.

5.        If tuition is continuously paid late it may be mandatory to enroll in automatic bank draft for future payments.

6.        If you pick up your child late after 6:30pm the late fee is a $2 per minute, per child until your child has left the building, and the fee will be automatically added to your tuition account.

7.        Returned / declined payments are subject to a $35 return fee for bank accounts and $15 for credit cards.  Any unpaid tuition will be subject to penalties, or legal actions.

8.        If you have childcare assistance, the portion you are assigned to pay must be paid in full on or before 1st of the month, if not paid on time a $20 late fee (per child)  will be added to your account.  If your co-payment, and late fee is not paid by the 5th of the month child care assistance will be notified, and services will be discontinued..

10.     We must have an email address and working phone numbers on file for each parent, this email address will be used for billing and communication regarding the child / children enrolled.

11.     Children attending field trips must be present within 30 minutes before the scheduled leave.  Any child can be excluded from a field trip for any reason such as behavior, tardy, payments, or at parent request. Discretion is up to a RSCCC Director Julie & Davin Martinez. No refunds.

12.     Teachers are not allowed to babysit for any parent on the weekend or any other time it will cost the teacher their job and your child’s spot at our center.

 13.     We do not hire any parents for a job at our facility

 14.     Any Vacation time partial or full must be submitted in writing and approved by the office.

15.     Full time child enrolled for 1 calendar year shall receive 1 week of vacation per year, vacation is not per family it is based on each individual child’s full-time enrollment.  During Vacation, the child cannot be in attendance, and must be used consecutively.

16.     Vacation for any child that has not meet their 1 year of full-time enrollment may use a partial vacation.  Partial vacation is where tuition is half price for 1 week, to hold your child’s spot. Partial vacation is not eligible for payers that receive 1 full time vacation.

17.     A two-week written notice is required if you are withdrawing your child to stay in good standing.  If you leave without give a two week notice any unpaid tuition needs to be paid within 10 business days of leaving to stay in good standing if not your family will not be eligible to return to our center.

 18.     Rising Starz Child Care Center reserves the right to expel a child for any reason including but not limited to parent behavior, child’s behavior, lack of attendance, or payment. (See Expulsion policy)

19.     Any payment error must be addressed with Center management with in 30 day or any under or over charge is forfeited.

Vacation Time

Vacation time is earned after one year of full time enrollment.  During Vacation the child cannot be in attendance and must be used consecutively.  Your account must also be in good standing.  Vacation for any child that has not meet their full time enrollment for 1 calendar year are eligible for a partial vacation.  Partial vacation is where tuition is half price for once week, the 50 percenter discount is for vacation, and the 50% tuition is to hold your child’s spot.

No Supply Fee, or registration fees.

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