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School Age Kids


We are very excited that you have joined our family or that you have moved up and are growing so fast, our goal is to work together and have fun with your child so they will be happy and healthy as they grow and learn. Our program is simple and direct.

Please no sandals (even in the summer) – closed toes shoes only

Please do not bring electronic devices or toys from home they distract from our goal.


The entire group has 20 min of outdoor or indoor play time in the gym so they can burn off some energy after school. When class begins we head upstairs where we have a snack and are put into teams of 4 to allow interaction within the teams and promotes sharing. The teams are encouraged to help each other with their homework, activities, and maintaining their station. Each team is provided with a supply cache which they share and are responsible for keeping up with. While in their teams they will discuss current events, have reading time, and complete homework, once this is done and I have checked everyone’s homework, they will be allowed to disperse into station activities. When each team is done we clean up our room and head downstairs for some very deserved free play and prepare to head home.


To help your child learn and grow in a positive, fun, and loving environment each day. This program is designed to guide your children through their years of learning at school.  In the school year, it is very important that your child works on their homework every day before they go home so that they can focus on extra circular activities and family time. In order for your child to finish their homework, they will need to be prepared by bringing their supplies each day.


  • Backpack  
  • Pencil / erasers  Homework
  • Book to read

Thank You! I look forward to having the opportunity to watch your child grow.

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Latest News - Calendar of Events - 2019

June 3-7 Welcome to Summer! Dinner Table Science Project Perry Homestead History Tour WJ Thomas Splash Park  Market Project with 4&5 Year olds
June 10-14   Digging Science Project Arboretum WJ Thomas Splash Park  Camp Out
June 17-21 Spirit Week 1 Super Divers Science Project Dallas World Aquarium WJ Thomas Splash Park LUAU (wear Hawaiian clothes) 
June 24-28   Geyser Science Project Dallas Science Place Perot Museum

WJ Thomas splash park

Blast Off! (Volcanos and geysers) 
July  1-5   Bacteria Science Project Ripleys Belive it or not wax museum Closed Starz Got Talent
July 8-12 Puppet Making Maricela Puppet Show Snow Day Science Project Dallas Cowboys Kids day at the Stadium Track Meet
July 15-19   Circuts made easy Science Project Fort Worth Science Place WJ Thomas Splash Park Finders Day (Scavenger hunt and more!!)
July 22-26

Science of Air projest

Canvas paint with a twist day WJ Thomas Splash Park Egg Drop project
July-August 29-2 Spirit week 2 Solar Science Project Llama Farm WJ Thomas Splash Park Character Parade 
August 5-9     WJ Thomas Splash Park End of summer field trips 

Holiday Schedules

2020 Holidays Closed All Day

January 1st - New Year’s

January 20th- Martain Luther King Day

May 25th - Memorial Day

July 3rd - Independence Day

September 7th - Labor Day

November 26th & 27th - Thanks Giving

December 24th & 25th - Christmas eve and Christmas Day

2020 ½ Day Close at 1 pm

April 10th- Good Friday

August 14th- Staff Development day

October 12th- Columbus Day

December 31st - New Years Eve

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